• WHO

    Welcome in the Law and Tax Firm “Studio Legale e Tributario AMP – Albanese Maxia & Partners”.

    We are a professional association born from the fusion of the previous individual experiences of our founders, lawyers Mr. Massimiliano Albanese and Mr. Gabriele Maxia, with the contribution of their very excellent partners and consultants.

    Our team of lawyers, accountants and experts has a clear common vision. Our task is primarily to carefully analyse the needs of our clients, to help them achieve their goals, always placing them at the centre of the multidisciplinary action of experienced and high standing professionals, competent and flexible at the same time.

    Professionalism that we have associated in a multidisciplinary team able to offer quick and effective answers, innovative solutions and personalized support. All this by adopting an always clear language and a "tailor-made" approach for each stakeholder.

  • WHAT

    We offer advice, assistance and defence in all branches of law and economics, relying on partners and specialist consultants for each field of interest. We address companies, private individuals and public administrations, both in Italy and abroad. We are well focused on the world of business but we also have a genuine attention to the needs of individuals.

    Browsing through these web pages, you will find an extensive overview of the main areas of activity of the firm, both in the legal and tax fields and in the other strategic sectors of wealth management, higher education and public affairs.

    We believe in the absolute value of sharing experiences, knowledge and opportunities. For this reason, we strongly adhere to prestigious professional and entrepreneurial networks.

    We are partners of APICES – Associazione Professionisti ed Imprese per la Cooperazione Economica e Sociale (the Association of Freelance-Professionals and Enterprises for Economic and Social Cooperation), a non-profit organization active in the field of internationalization of economic initiatives. Through this association, we act as a real "bridge" between different cultures and markets: representing in Italy the interests of foreign customers and, at the same time, protecting in international scenarios the absolute value represented by the ingenuity and high quality of Italian products.

    We are also a partner of the Istituto Italiano per l'Anticorruzione (the Italian Anti-Corruption Institute), a centre for the study and dissemination of the principles of business ethics and fair play in relations between the public and private sectors, which operates under the High Patronage of the Presidency of the Italian Republic. We work closely with virtuous economic operators and public bodies, preparing and implementing their business processes in perfect compliance with the "rules of the game".

    Through the strategic support offered by the consulting company Amalgama S.r.l., which is an integral part of our professional organization, we deal with all-round public affairs & business advisory, convinced that a correct and transparent "representation of interests" before public and private decision-makers is a fundamental driver of economic development.

    We offer also a qualified wealth management advisory service, able to guarantee the best protection and, above all, the most profitable valorisation of our customers' assets, for which we also carry out trustee and fiduciary administration of assets.

    We are dedicated to knowledge sharing through advanced training projects.

  • HOW

    In all the fields in which our activity is articulated, we guarantee a standard of specialists, constantly updated on best practices and news in each legal and economic field, in the awareness that customers are increasingly looking for global consultants, for an overall management of their different needs, who are able to take into account the peculiarities of each person and the ideas it brings.

    A mission that is achieved through the right balance between scientific rigour, passionate devotees of law and economics, and the flexibility of pragmatists, dedicated to problem solving, with an interdisciplinary approach open to the contributions and know-how of experts in the most diverse sectors.

    A strong ethical sensitivity and a strong spirit of service, combined with absolute confidentiality in the management of assignments, favours the construction of strong and lasting relationships with our customers.

    Our firm is the ideal solution for your needs.

    We will be a strategic partner to support and develop your brilliant initiatives, an ideal defender to better protect your interests and rights, a reliable consulting structure, capable of transforming even critical issues into opportunities that, before you knew us, you did not even imagine you could take advantage of.


    The headquarters of our firm is located in Rome, in the Parioli district, where we have comfortable environments suitable to host meetings and classroom sessions for training.

    We also have representative offices in London, in the St. James district, and in Porto Cervo in Sardinia: perfect locations for the development of your most important business relationships, with our strategic support.

    Our partners can also reach you in the places of your interest, at your companies and wherever their intervention will be necessary.

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