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On Thursday 24 June 2021 the Gran Gala “E quindi uscimmo a riveder le stelle…” ("And thence we came forth to see again the stars...") took place in Rome. It was an unforgettable soirée especially because these events have not been held for almost two years. So, in this way, the activity of the APICES, the Associazione Professionisti ed Imprese per la Cooperazione Economica e Sociale (Association of Freelance Professionals and Enterprises for Economic and Social Cooperation) has restarted in style with a big event in the hope that will emerge from this hellish pandemic.

An event organized in collaboration with the Law and Tax Firm AMP - Albanese Maxia & Partners, main sponsor of the event and main partner of the Association.

The lawyer Massimiliano Albanese, Managing Partner of the AMP law firm and President of APICES Association, in his welcome message, said «We are confident that our journey through hell is coming to an end. And thence we came forth to see again the stars is the verse with which the great poet invites us to hope, indeed to the certainty that at the end of the tunnel there is always light. In theme with the celebrations for the 700th anniversary of Dante's death, it seemed to us the most beautiful title for the grand gala to meet each other again».

In the evocative setting of the Villa Dafne Majestic, under one of the most beautiful starry skies in Rome, a real parterre de roi of over 200 leading figures in business, professions, institutions and art gathered. «A party, a celebration of the joy of living, a testimony of the desire to start building a new, more ethical and sustainable, world, based on those values that are no longer negotiable and from which economic development and progress they can no longer ignore: respect for life and human dignity but, at the same time, the protection of nature», Mr Albanese said.

And these were the main issues of the evening: health and well-being, social aggregation and economic growth, migration and trade, scientific discoveries and technology, environmental impact and reforestation, protection of the environment and exploration of the cosmos.

Issues related to the common interest of the large business opportunities and discussed through the speeches of some real excellences, recipients of the "Cognitio Et Vis Award", which APICES established in partnership with the Fondazione Roma Europea and with the Istituto Italiano per l'Anticorruzione, chaired by the professor and lawyer Federico Bergaminelli who is also a partner of the AMP law firm.

The ceremony began with the reading of a verse of Dante’s Divine Comedy by the great actor Geppy Gleijeses, Director of the Quirino Theater in Rome. The show was run by the elegant and splendid Alma Manera, soprano and well-known face of television.

The first person called on stage was the Undersecretary of Health, the Professor Pierpaolo Sileri, one of the real protagonists of the management of the pandemic crisis of the last two years: surgeon and teacher, author of important studies on the use of robotics in medicine. “He was able to transfer the same passion of the researcher and the same rigor of the scientist that have characterized his professional career into the exercise of his high public functions”, it was the reason for the award. Infact, while his dicastery “was required to make a truly titanic effort to tackle a pandemic with unexpectedly bloody and dramatic implications, such as to impose sometimes unpopular but indispensable choices, to be taken with a very high sense of responsibility and a spirit of service”, Mr Sileri “has able to demonstrate, with a courageous presence always at the forefront, an uncommon ability to give clear answers to the many difficult questions, striving to build the conditions for a return to normality as quickly as possible, instilling hope in citizens for a better future”.

Another award was also assigned to the new Special Representative of the European Union for the Sahel, the Professir Emanuela Claudia del Re. She is a sociologist and lecturer. She is a determined and courageous woman who has been several times on missions in conflict areas, in the Balkans, in Africa and in the Middle East. “Your intense activity in the world of cooperation and the protection of human rights, combined with your important fame as a scholar, have made your person an international point of reference, capable of contributing in a way decisive for the reconstruction of social cohesion and, if we like, of the same humanitarian and national spirit, in terrible post-war situations, always starting from the protection of the weakest”: and that was the motivation for the award. In the role of Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs, “she has wisely built and consolidated positive relations with countries belonging to geopolitical areas of strategic importance to us” and, lastly, the very prestigious appointment received by the European Union “constitutes the further demonstration of the highest human qualities and the great diplomatic skills that distinguish her person”.

From institutions to sport with the award to the President of the Italian Golf Federation and Vice President of CONI, Professor Franco Chimenti. Former Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy of the Sapienza University of Rome and President of the S.S. Lazio, business manager and reference figure of the governing body of Italian sport. “He has been able to devote an uncommon energy above all to the development and dissemination of the game of golf, enhancing not only the male professional component but, especially, those feminine and youthful until reaching the great milestone of bringing the most prestigious international competition in the sector to the Italian capital: the Ryder Cup of 2023”, explains the motivation. It will be “an event capable of generating a significant induct economic, at a time when the Italian economy needs to push towards recovery, with the crisis resulting from the covid19 pandemic: first of all, the great flywheel effect for the tourism industry, which will certainly have the relaunch of Italian golf on the international stage”. Chimenti must be credited with having written an indelible page for the history of Italian sport, “having been able to orient the choice on our country, as the venue for the competition, despite the much greater importance of some foreign competitors for the same assignment”. The award to Mr Chimenti was given by the lawyer Gabriele Maxia, passionate golfer and naming partner of AMP law firm.

From sport to science, the next award was given to the Professor Marifelicia De Laurentis. She was remotely connected. Infact, she was in her laboratory, where she is conducting research in collaboration with NASA. The famous astrophysics from Campania offered a suggestive description of the greatest attractive force known in the universe, the black hole, whose image seems to recall the verses with which Dante describes Hell. De Laurentis is infact “the protagonist of the Black Hole Cam project which, thanks to the Event Horizon Telescope, made it possible to carry out the first real photographic surveys of black holes: in particular, the one called Saggittarius A placed in the center of our galaxy, the Milky Way, and the one called "M87" placed at the center of the Virgo galaxy. The real image of the black hole is defined by experts as "the photo of the century": it is, infact, a result of extraordinary importance, destined to remain a milestone in the history of science. “The author of this photograph, recipient of numerous international awards, has been able to dedicate her entire life to research, with no small sacrifice and significant personal commitment: an authoritative example of our country's ability to express, in both genres, absolute excellence”.

Leitmotiv of the entire evening, the stars continued to be the protagonists with the award to Mr Giovanni Squame, President of the A.L.I. (Aerospace Laboratory for Innovative Components), and to the engineer Giuseppe Morsillo, President of the C.I.R.A. (Italian Aerospace Research Center). The winners “represent the respective teams of researchers and designers to which we owe the realization of an innovative aerospace project destined to affect the future of cosmic exploration”: the IRENE technology. It allows the return of capsules from space and it is characterized by an umbrella thermal protection configuration also used as an air brake. “In June 2022, the launch of the Mini-IRENE capsule, prototype of the geometry of the reentry capsule, will take place from the Esrange launch base in Sweden: through a suborbital reentry flight, the opening of the heat shield based on IRENE technology will then be tested and, at the end of these tests, the production of the innovative platform, fruit of Italian ingenuity, will finally be able to start”. This success “was made possible by the dedication and commitment of numerous people”, all ideally recipients of the award, symbolically awarded to the representatives of the two companies that collaborated on the project. The motivation was read by Iolanda Di Stasio, the group leader of the 5-Stars Movement 5 at the Foreign Affairs Commitee of the Chamber of Deputies. The award was presented by the Coronel Aniello Violetti, the next scientific advisor to the Ambassador of Italy in Washington.

Finally, the entrepreneur Mr Lorenzo Zurino, “a brilliant figure and prospectively oriented towards ever greater personal and corporate goals”, as defined in the motivation, who “has dedicated his life to promoting Italy in the world, especially in the United States, where it is considered the most important partner for the distribution of Made in Italy products of excellence”. After receiving numerous awards, including the prestigious "Special Achievement Award Young" of the Italian American foundation NIAF, he was the promoter of the Italian Export Forum, of which he chairs the Organizing Committee. “This is the main multichannel platform for comparison on Made in Italy, which interacts with entrepreneurs and institutions to promote the export of our products”. The motivation was read by another successful entrepreneur, Dr. Andrea Maurizio, C.E.O. of the New Alimenta Group which produces functional and innovative foods, including the EatPro line characterized by a high protein content. The award was then presented to Zurino by an excellent international guest, Mr Roland Schanz, C.E.O. of the Global Sustainability Index Institute Foundation and former advisor to the Director General of the United Nations. Mr Shanz is considered one of the world's greatest experts in eco-sustainability and is a member of the Better Globe Forestry Foundation, which carries out the “One Trillions Tree” project for global reforestation, sponsored by the United Nations.

The event was a great success: a rare intensity networking opportunity that, with the support of the AMP law firm, the APICES Association plans to repeat soon.



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