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Taken from Police Magazine, ed. online of 29/09/2020

#Lexamp News Team NoteWe are glad to propose again, also on these pages, one of the latest Prof. Bergaminelli’s – Istituto Italiano per l’Anticorruzione president – comment about some predictable attacks of criminal organizations to the economic system, which is already weakened due to the Covid 19 pandemic.


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The most important observers, had already warned the Government, the Institutions, the Magistracy: “ criminal organizations are arranging a epic attack to world finance.

Caporetto docet.

The History teached us that, before the 1st Caporetto battle, it was actually possible to guess enemies’ intenctions, by some clear signs, and this before dutch troops launched the saddest sharp shock to italian military history. So what did disorganization, lack of communication, danger underestimation produce?

The report of the terrible defeat can be clearly seen by victims’ families and by the outcomes of our fate of war.

No one took responsibility for doing anything and those hours before the debacle have been spent passing the buck. A frantic search to blame third parties!

The absence of self-criticism, the lack of evaluation of negative experiences (which should be consider as an example for the future), re-emerges forcefully in this new era that is now characterized by an unstoppable pandemic.

All the observers, even the less circumspect ones, have already raised the alarm.

Now, all the news that leak have as their common denominator a lot of money to settle.

Alas, the signs we have are worrying, the enterpreneurial world in difficulty is dishearted by the emergency, managed in the worst possible way, with an absolute lack of coordination, and on the other hand, criminal organizations are now, more than ever, full of cash.

It is clear that, if those two teams have not yet met, they will do so soon: And in the meantime, what solutions are in store?

I agree that the contours of this pattern do not seem easy to define, but the deductive logic can help us to predict, with a good approximation, the operation of the context: the economy is not pulling, several points of GDP are expected less than the previous year (among the G7 countries, in my opinion, we are the one most in difficulty).

At this point it seems easy to imagine that there will be a line of entrepreneurs ready to sell their companies behind tempting offers of mountains of cash.

Of those who resist, how many will fail in trying to do business? And of those who will remain after this further skimming, how many will be prey to more or less organized usurers?

It goes without saying that we are facing the largest money laundering operation in history. The prerequisites are all there: an economic difficulty that is unprecedented in the past, European constraints, made in places where organized crime is little known, and a certain predisposition to wait for the political class.

And on closer inspection, the signs are all there. The greater damage of the COVID emergency, in addition to the health one, was certainly characterized by the ignominious story of the release of excellent and non-excellent prisoners, which highlighted a total lack of cohesion between institutions, anxious - once again - to unload barrel and look for alibis.

The mafias, on the other hand, have testified, once again, their strong sense of belonging. Their chameleonic ability has become a spearhead of crime "4.0" and, therefore, why not try to take over one of the states that govern the economy and world security?

To tell the truth, in this moment of these topics it seems to me that there is not much discussion, while, instead, I think it is appropriate to think that extreme evils…. extreme remedies are needed!

If there is a war against Covid19, we cannot think of letting our guard down with organized crime that is making a real "Trojan horse" of this emergency, to insinuate itself even more than before into the economic and financial structure of the world universe, in which Italy shines with indolence.

We need special legislation that aims to protect the democratic life of our country.

The Regional Command of the Guardia di Finanza of Veneto, in these days, reported that a number of companies equal to the total of the previous year arose during the Covid period and that 30% of the directors have a criminal record. Of these, just over 20% specific precedents such as usury, tax fraud and money laundering.

Who knows if this figure will mean something?

We must – or should, at least-, try to avoid being overwhelmed, as in Caporetto, because just like in Caporetto, the destinies of Italy are at stake.


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