Massimiliano Albanese is co-founder and Managing Partner of the law and tax firm "Studio Legale e Tributario AMP - Albanese Maxia & Partners".

Formerly owner of the "Studio Legale Albanese - Business Law Boutique" (with activities in Rome, London and Malta), he is a generalist lawyer, specialized in business law - both nationally and internationally - and an expert in enterprise risk management, dealing mainly with corporate issues, corporate strategy and internationalization processes, compliance, privacy, business crisis, commercial contracts and intellectual property.

He is also a defender in all areas of criminal law, specializing in the area of the so-called white-collar crimes and crimes related to the exercise of business activities, as well as those committed by individuals against property.

Fellow Member of the Istituto Italiano per l'Anticorruzione (the Italian Anti-Corruption Institute), where he is coordinator of public affairs, he is an expert in Anti-Bribery Management Systems - ISO 37001:2016, qualified according to ISO 17024:2004 and Law 04/2013.

Data Protection Officer for some private companies, he is a trainer for Privacy Specialist with a teaching position at the "Tor Vergata" University of Rome and at numerous private training institutions.

He is also interested in human rights, personal protection, civil liability and compensation for damages.

He is advisor for legal affairs under Italian and international law of the Ambassador of Paraguay to the Holy See and the Sovereign Military Order of Malta.

He is a legal advisor with long and varied experience as a manager and commercial account. As an entrepreneur, he has been able to acquire directly "in the field" a remarkable familiarity with the commercial and financial, as well as legal, administrative and fiscal dynamics of companies: putting this uncommon "plus" in the subsequent exercise of the legal profession.

As a legal consultant for advisory and training services companies, both in Italy and abroad, he has also provided assistance and support for consulting, training, compliance with regulations, preparation and implementation of management models, working "on the job" alongside the management of public administrations and companies with public participation.

He is the creator, founder and President of APICES - Associazione Professionisti ed Imprese per la Cooperazione Economica e Sociale (the Association of Freelance Professionals and Enterprises for Economic and Social Cooperation), a non-profit organization that aims to create a network between consultants, entrepreneurs and institutions, in order to promote cooperation initiatives, in the economic and social field, to generate "healthy" business opportunities and contribute to the spread of an ethics of business and institutional life based on the respect for people, the sustainability of economic initiatives, the culture of compliance, the method of sharing and dialogue.

He is co-founder and chief advisor of the legal & public affairs and business advisory company Amalgama, which is entrusted with the provision of some of the services provided by AMP Law and Tax Firm.

He is registered with the Bar Association of Reggio Calabria and included in the list of lawyers domiciled at the Bar Association of Rome.

He brilliantly graduated in Law, at the "Mediterranea" University of Reggio Calabria, discussing a thesis in Roman criminal law, on the subject of crimen repetundarum (historical antecedent of today's criminal cases of corruption).

He subsequently obtained an LL.M (2nd level Master's degree, according to the Italian university system) in International Business Law, at the "Sapienza" University of Rome, discussing a thesis in international contract law, on the subject of hardship and contingencies in contractual relations.

He has also attended numerous courses and seminars in commercial, administrative and criminal law.

In the course of his forensic activity, he has attended several Law Firms, collaborating in countless defensive activities in criminal trials, including those of considerable media prominence, held before various Italian judicial authorities against organized crime, as well as for deaths in the workplace, sexual abuse, drug trafficking and economic, corporate and bankruptcy offences, both against individual defendants and against legal entities pursuant to the Italian Legislative Decree no. 231/01. He has also cooperated in defences before the European Court of Human Rights. In the civil law field, he has worked in numerous cases of considerable economic value, in all branches of commercial and bankruptcy law, also dealing with international issues in the corporate, energy and industrial property sectors. He has also worked on image protection and copyright.

Speaker of conferences and author of articles published in legal journals, he is a passionate lover of classical antiquity in its historical, philosophical, literary, artistic and social expressions.

Education based on traditional values, humanistic studies and cosmopolitan background have contributed to make him a strenuous supporter of dialogue and cooperation, as tools for the removal of all harshness in interpersonal and professional relationships, with a sincere desire to contribute to the building of a more ethical and just world.


Areas of activity

- National and international commercial law, bonds and contracts law

- Corporate law, company compliance and corporate strategy

- Public Affairs and institutional relations of private individuals with public administrations

- Company law in the laws of the United Kingdom and the Republic of Malta

- M&A

- Cross-border taxation

- Enterprise Risk Management and certified management systems

- Privacy and GDPR compliance

- Criminal law and administrative liability of entities pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/01

- Business crisis and bankruptcy law

- Protection of intellectual property

- Insurance, banking and financial law

- Third sector law

- Human rights, personal protection, civil liability and compensation for damages

- Professional training for high qualification in the legal-economic field


Language skills

Italian C2+

English B2+

Spanish A2